Terms & Conditions

This document was updated on Tuesday, September 17, 2021


The Talao Professional Digital Identity is accessible through a web interface from a browser and also requires a smartphone application called wallet.

This document aims to present the conditions under which the user can use the Talao Professional Digital Identity service.


Attestations or verifiable attestations: verifiable attestations are standardized digital certificates that facilitate the sharing of information online, in a sovereign and secure manner. The term “standardization” indicates that there is a conforming method to produce a verifiable attestation (CV). This method is currently being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (https://www.w3.org/TR/vc-data-model/)

Cryptographic keys or keys: public / private key pair stored in a wallet on a smartphone. These keys are of the ECDSA type. If lost, they can be regenerated from a 12 month random sentence if the latter has been kept by the user. A pair of keys is associated with a single Professional Digital Identity. These keys are not known to Talao and the partners. If these keys are permanently lost, access to the Professional Digital Identity is impossible.

Wallet: application published by Talao, open source, downloadable on a smartphone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store online stores allowing the user to save his cryptographic keys compatible with a Tezos-type blockchain on his smartphone.

Code or secret code: refers to the alphanumeric and one-time use code transmitted by Talao via SMS or email as part of its registration for the purpose of validating the user's mobile number.

Terms & Conditions: refers to these general conditions of use of the services (including any document which is expressly included by reference in these general conditions), any special conditions indicated by Talao as well as their possible amendments.

Contract: means the General Conditions (including any document which is expressly included by reference in these general conditions) which supplement the Terms & Conditions and any special conditions indicated by Talao and any amendments to the special general conditions.

Decentralized Identifiers or DID (Decentralized Identifier): a digital identifier which the user can cryptographically prove that he is in his possession with a cryptographic key. These identifiers have been standardized by the W3C https://w3c.github.io/did-core/ .

Portfolio or workspace: designates a user account opened on the Talao site. This space is used to save professional information and verifiable certificates issued by third parties (professional certificates, employment certificates, etc.). A workspace becomes a Digital Identity after Talao has performed a face-to-face verification of the user's identity and issued an identity certificate.

Identification: refers to the procedure according to which the user enters their Identifiers in order to access the Professional Digital Identity service or their account on a Partner site from the Talao Digital Identity connection button.

Professional Digital Identity or Digital Identity: refers to the service allowing a user to connect from his mobile application to all partner services.

Registration: refers to the procedure which allows any eligible person to enter their personal data in order to access the services and obtain a Professional Digital Identity.

Desktop: designates a computer (PC, laptop, etc.) which allows connection to the site https://talao.co. This computer must be equipped with an operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac and internet access software such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Brave.

Password: designates the code chosen by the user, exclusive and confidential, which, associated with the user name, is necessary for the latter to access his workspace in the event that he does not have his smartphone.

Username: refers to the name proposed by the site allowing the user to access their portfolio on the site with a password.

Partner (s): refers to companies in relation to the use of Professional Digital Identity. Example: The publisher of a website allowing the user to identify himself via his Digital Identity is a partner.

Service: refers to the service which allows a user to create, modify, renew and delete a portfolio set up by Talao.

Site: refers to the secure website published by Talao (https://talao.co) allowing a user to access their portfolio and all or part of Talao's Professional Digital Identity service.

Self Sovereign Identity (SSI Self Sovereign Identity): a digital identity model that gives the user control over their data.

User: refers to a person who has the Talao smartphone application and a portfolio. The user is necessarily an individual, that is to say a natural person. This user is the holder of a smartphone capable of installing a mobile application called a wallet from the stores that offer it (App Store for holders of an iPhone and Google Play for holders of an Android smartphone).


The purpose of these Terms & Conditions is to define the contractual relationship between Talao and the user concerning access and use of the Professional Digital Identity service consisting of a web application called portfolio at the address https://talao.co and a smartphone application called wallet available on the Apple and Google stores.

At any time, Talao reserves the right to make changes to the Professional Digital Identity Service and therefore to these Terms & Conditions. Any modification comes into force as from their publication or, if necessary, on any other date which would be indicated. Talao will ensure that users are aware of any modification of the Terms & Conditions, however, it is up to the user before any use of the Digital Identity service to refer to the latest version of the Terms & Conditions accessible at any time on the https site: //talao.co.

In the event of disagreement with the new provisions, the user undertakes to cease all use of the service and to delete his Digital Identity.

Presentation of the Professional Digital Identity service

The Profession Digital Identity is a service from Talao that allows you to create an electronic identity that can be used online via a secure mobile application. This Professional Digital Identity will be used by the user to simplify and secure his online procedures with partners, in particular in the field of human resources (e.g. access a recruitment announcement site, access his company's HR site, provide an employer certificate for renting real estate or opening a bank account, etc.).

The service is built on 2 digital applications: the portfolio and the wallet. The wallet allows you to generate your identifier, collect certificates from third parties, store them and transfer them to other third parties. The portfolio allows a user to ask third-party companies to issue him certificates but also to keep these certificates on an external server to possibly be able to recover them in the event of loss of his smartphone or to expose them to a chosen audience. . The portfolio is a kind of digital safe whose data is accessible under the exclusive control of the user.

Talao's service is built on the basis of innovative technology (Blockchain) and the concepts of self-sovereign identity and verifiable attestations. The talao service allows a user to have a Digital Identity and certificates certified by third parties without having to save their personal data on the servers of an Identity Provider. The data is stored in the user's wallet (smartphone application) or possibly encrypted on a decentralized network. The user alone retains access to his identity with his smartphone or cryptographic keys are kept. It can authorize an application of a partner (a service provider) to access it.

As part of the Talao Professional Digital Identity service, the user benefits from various functionalities relating to his professional career. Some of these features are only accessible through their smartphone wallet.

When registering, the user must complete the Registration form available on the site (including, in particular, title, surnames and first names, e-mail address and possibly his mobile phone number.).

The user guarantees that the information he transmits is accurate, sincere and up to date. If this information should prove to be false, incomplete or obsolete, Talao reserves the right to refuse the Registration and / or to interrupt the provision of the service in accordance with the stipulations of article 14 "Termination".

In case of modification of his personal details, the user undertakes to update them on his Professional Digital Identity profile management page.

In any case, whatever the methods of Registration of the user, the information concerning him will be treated in accordance with the charter of management of personal data (Data protection) accessible directly from the site https: // talao. co.

The user authorizes the Talao Professional Digital Identity service to transmit to partner sites, by computer processing, the information necessary for the recognition and use of his Digital Identity on the sites and services of said partners.

Creation of a Professional Digital Identity

The creation procedure comprises 2 steps to finalize the registration procedure. The first step is to create your ID using your smartphone wallet, the second is to create a portfolio on the Talao site associated with your ID.


The user who wishes to delete his portfolio must access the “Delete the portfolio appearing in his workspace” tab. A window opens to ask the user to confirm their choice with their password. In case of confirmation, the user's portfolio is permanently deleted, but on the other hand they keep their username and certificates on their wallet.

The deletion of the wallet identifier can be carried out by resetting the wallet or by uninstalling it from the smartphone. In this case its identifier is lost but possibly regenerable with the regeneration sentence. However, the certificates will be permanently lost.

Registration conditions

Registration for the Professional Digital Identity Service is free and requires the express acceptance of the Professional Digital Identity Terms & Conditions and the Terms & Conditions of the https://talao.co site regardless of the terminal used (computer, tablet, smartphone …).

Access to the Professional Digital Identity Service Access to the Professional Digital Identity

Service is protected by cryptographic keys stored in the smartphone wallet. It is up to the user to protect access to his smartphone and to the wallet application in the event of theft or loss of the smartphone.

The user is strongly advised to make a copy on a paper document of the sentence which allows the regeneration of the cryptographic keys in the event of loss or theft of the smartphone or the deletion of the wallet. This paper document must be kept by the user in a secure place. The user is not recommended to keep a copy of the refresh phrase in the cloud.

Users are advised to save all or part of their certificates in their portfolio.

It is important to specify that neither Talao nor anyone has a copy of the cryptographic keys allowing access to the Professional Digital Identity service and that if these keys are permanently lost, access to the Professional Digital Identity service is impossible. In this case, it is the user's responsibility to contact Talao customer service.


The Professional Digital Identity service is free and the application code is open source available on the Talao repository https://github.com/TalaoDAO .

Use of the service

The user acknowledges that the Professional Digital Identity service is a service for personal use only and that any use of said service is carried out under his full and entire responsibility.

The Professional Digital Identity service is only accessible by using a wallet on a smartphone, however, limited access to workspace services is also possible with a password and a username. .

If the user becomes aware of an unauthorized use of the service, he undertakes to inform customer service, whose contact details appear in the Terms & Conditions, without delay. In the event of loss of his password, the user has the option of clicking on the “Forgot password” link. The Professional Digital Identity service will then send him on his e-mail address a link to a password reset page.

Talao recommends that each user take all the necessary precautions in terms of computer security (use of an anti-virus, a firewall, etc.) and to exercise caution and common sense when using the Service. of Professional Digital Identity.

Talao reserves the right to suspend access to the site and to the Professional Digital Identity service when it considers that an event liable to affect its operation or integrity requires it or for maintenance reasons, and this, for the duration necessary for the planned intervention. Where applicable, as soon as it becomes aware of the dates of scheduled interventions, Talao undertakes to notify users as soon as possible, on the home page of the Professional Digital Identity site or by any other process at its convenience. This suspension can in no way engage the responsibility of Talao and does not entitle to any compensation.

Each user undertakes not to modify, try to modify or harm the Site in any way whatsoever and not to use any software or any form of computer program intended to reach or make available protected content. or not freely available. It is also prohibited to create a work or a site deriving from all part of the Site.

The user undertakes to inform Talao without delay, by any means, of any error, fault or irregularity that he notices in the use of the site, as soon as he becomes aware of it.

Operation of the Professional Digital Identity Service

After having created and verified his Professional Digital Identity, the user can access partner sites more easily and quickly with the same access method.

The user acknowledges and accepts that his Digital Identity may be used by the sites and partner sites and, for this purpose, he undertakes to ensure that the attributes of his Identity remain accurate and up to date.

Use of the portfolio

The workspace allows the user to have verifiable professional certificates issued by third parties and concerning his professional career. For example, he may ask companies for which he has worked to issue certificates of professional experience. These signed digital certificates can then be used to prove skills or know-how to a third party.

The user also has the possibility of presenting information concerning his professional career in the form of a CV with a link allowing him to post it on social networks, a personal website or to send it by email to a third party. .

Entering CV information

The user can enter information concerning his training (“Training” tab, his experience (“Experiences” tab), and his skills (“Skills” tab). All this information is declarative and of responsibility. This information is not verified by Talao.

Request and issue of a professional certificate

The user has the possibility of requesting a verifiable professional certificate from a company. This certificate may relate to a skill, training or work experience. This application is accessible through the "request a certificate" button. the user will be prompted to specify the type of application and the email address of a representative of the company.

in the case of a request for a professional experience certificate the user will be asked to specify the nature of the assignment, its role, the start and end dates as well as the skills required implemented in this mission. This information will be communicated to the company.

The site will send this request to the company representative who will be invited to create for himself or his company his own Digital Identity then to draft and issue an electronically signed certificate. In the case of a professional experience certificate, the company will be invited to rate the user (from 0 to 5 stars) according to 4 questions:

This certificate will then be accessible in the user's portfolio and possibly added to their CV. The user can if he wishes to delete this certificate but he will not be able to modify the content which remains the responsibility of the company.

Talao is not responsible for the response to a request for a certificate and the possible content of this certificate.

Modification of the attributes of the Professional Digital Identity

Subject to compliance with the provisions appearing in this Article, the user has the option of modifying certain personal information declared during his Registration and composing his Digital Identity from the "tab" edit ”in their workspace.

Uses of the Digital Identity by the partner sites

The Professional Digital Identity of the user makes it possible to link his Digital Identity to the Partner sites. The user wishing to use his Digital Identity must connect with his desktop or smartphone to the partner's site and choose the “Connect with Professional Digital Identity” option on the partner's site. He must also open the wallet of his smartphone by following the access modalities required for its use. Note that the user's Professional Digital Identity cannot be used for procedures requiring a digital identity with a so-called “high” level of guarantee within the meaning of eIDAS regulations.

The user will then be invited to scan the displayed QR code with the wallet of his smartphone. A notification is sent to the user's smartphone asking for their consent to connect their wallet.

The user is then invited on his desktop to verify the Digital Identity of the partner site. He can access it using the link displayed. If the user wishes, he can move on to the next phase (“Next” button) or he can reject the connection.

The user is then invited on his smartphone to sign access to his Digital Identity (Identity Signature ”) then to sign the agreement for the transfer of his Digital Identity information to the partner site. It should be noted that this information is encrypted and that the site is not able to access it. This information will only be decrypted by the partner site.

The conditions applicable to access to the supply and use of this information and services as well as their price and payment terms relating to Partner applications are those set by the Partners as provided by said Partners online or by any other way.

Talao remains unrelated to any contractual relationship that could be entered into between the user and any Partner, including if this contractual relationship is entered into via the Site. Under no circumstances does Talao intervene in any way whatsoever in the contractual relations that may be established between users on the one hand and Partners on the other.

The user guarantees Talao against any harmful act that he would commit towards a partner, including in the event of non-performance of contractual obligations subscribed to a partner.

Intellectual property rights

The site and the services are protected by intellectual property rights and / or other rights that Talao owns or of which it is authorized to use. The blockchain protocol used as a support for professional Digital Identity is made available in open source https://github.com/TalaoDAO/talao-contracts.

Talao is and will remain the owner of its distinctive signs, namely brands, corporate and other names, trade names, brands and domain names. The reproduction, imitation or affixing, in whole or in part, of the trademarks and designs belonging to Talao is strictly prohibited without its prior written consent.

Access and availability of the site and of the Professional Digital Identity service

Except in the cases of force majeure referred to herein, Talao undertakes, within the framework of an obligation of means, to ensure the availability and accessibility to the site and to the Identity Service. Professional digital, 24/24 hours and 7/7 days. Nevertheless, the operations of tests, control and / or maintenance as well as the interventions necessary in the event of breakdown, can be carried out by Talao at any time. Talao strives to prevent, as far as possible, the occurrence of such an operation. Talao cannot be held responsible for any resulting consequences for any user.

The user acknowledges that Talao can in no way be held responsible for the functional characteristics and technical performance of the internet. Likewise, all users remain responsible for their actions on the internet regarding the use of their data on open networks.

The user undertakes not to hinder the proper functioning of the Site, the Application and the Professional Digital Identity Service, in particular by transmitting any element likely to contain a virus or likely to otherwise damage or affect the Site and / or the Application and / or the Professional Digital Identity Service and, more broadly, the information system of Talao and / or its co-contractors.

In the case of the use of the application through smartphones or tablets, the user undertakes not to modify the operating system of the terminal in a way that could affect its security.

The costs and expenses of equipment necessary for the use of the site and of the Professional Digital Identity Service, are and remain the responsibility of the user.


Talao makes no warranty as to the ability of the site and / or the Professional Digital Identity Service to meet the specific needs or expectations of the user. Likewise, Talao cannot guarantee the absence of errors or other operational or user problems during the use of the site and / or the Professional Digital Identity Service.

Talao makes no warranty as to the ability of the site and / or the Professional Digital Identity Service to meet the specific needs or expectations of the user. Likewise, Talao cannot guarantee the absence of errors or other operational or user problems during the use of the site and / or the Professional Digital Identity Service.

Talao declines all responsibility for the use made by the user of the Professional Digital Identity Service. In this regard, Talao reserves the right to suspend the Digital Identity Service for a user following receipt of a notification or if it is indeed aware of the manifestly illegal nature of the use made of Professional Digital Identity. Under no circumstances can Talao be held liable for this withdrawal.

Talao can only be held liable in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence committed in the context of the provision of the Service.In any case, Talao is not liable for indirect damages such as in particular: financial, commercial, loss of customers, any commercial disturbance, loss of profit, loss of brand image, loss of data and / or computer programs suffered by the user which could result from the non-performance of these Terms & Conditions. In addition, Talao will in no case be liable for any damage resulting, even partially, from a total or partial non-performance of its obligations by the user, as well as any indirect damage even if it is aware of the possibility of such occurrence. damage.

User responsibility

The user is responsible for his use of the Service.

He acknowledges that any use of the Site and / or of the Application and / or of the Professional Digital Identity Service is presumed to be made by him and will be imputed to him, at the expense of the user providing proof to the contrary.

The user undertakes to:

As such, Talao reserves the right:

In addition, Talao ensures the monitoring and traceability of the functioning of the Professional Digital Identity service.

Force majeure

Talao can not be held responsible for any delay in the performance of its obligations or for any non-performance of its obligations resulting from these General Conditions of Use when the circumstances giving rise to it relate to force majeure.

Expressly, are considered as cases of force majeure or fortuitous event, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the French courts and tribunals, the following cases: blocking of electronic communications, out of control of Talao, and any other case beyond the control. of Talao preventing the normal performance of the obligations arising from the Contract.

Any case of force majeure affecting the performance of the obligations resulting from these T & Cs and in particular the access or use of the Professional Digital Identity Service by the user will suspend, from its date of occurrence, the execution of these T & Cs. From this date, and despite the case of force majeure, Talao will endeavor to the extent possible:

It is expressly agreed between the Parties that the completely exceptional implementation of these palliative means by Talao during the occurrence of a case of force majeure cannot give rise to any liability or compensation on the part of Talao.

Personal data protection

The conditions for processing personal data are set out in Talao's privacy and data protection policy, accessible here https://talao.co/privacy /.

Retention of user data by Professional Digital Identity Documents are kept for the duration of the use of the Professional Digital Identity Service, the user being free to delete his Digital Identity whenever he wishes.

The retention period for Service-related data and in particular traces of registration files and event logs and that of data relating to Professional Digital Identity (identifiers, identity data and technical data) is 3 months after termination. of the Professional Digital Identity service.

Access to user

data Personal data specific to Professional Digital Identity will under no circumstances be sold or shared with third parties who are not involved in the processing associated with the Professional Digital Identity service and only in the purpose of rendering the Service.


The Professional Digital Identity Service allows users to retrieve their data from their portfolio to their smartphone.

Termination - Breach - Suspension

Termination of the service at the initiative of the user

The user can at any time terminate his Digital Identity from his portfolio. Termination is effective from the day of the request of the user. 'user.

Termination at the initiative of Talao

Talao reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the portfolio service for reasons related to the security of the Professional Digital Identity Service, the security of the user or a breach or suspicion of breach by the user of one of his obligations referred to herein.

This termination will be done as of right, without prejudice to any damages that Talao could claim. Talao also reserves the right to unilaterally terminate this contractual relationship resulting from the T & Cs in the event that the user shows serious and / or repeated breaches of one of his obligations contained herein or in the event that Talao permanently stops the Professional Digital Identity Service. In the latter case, the termination will be effective six (6) months after the notification of the end of the Professional Digital Identity Service.

Consequences linked to Termination by the user

In the event of termination of his portfolio, the user will lose all the functionalities relating to the certificates kept in his portfolio.


service Customer Service can be reached:


Talao reserves the right to have all or part of the services covered by these conditions performed by any other subcontracting company of its choice, Talao remaining solely responsible towards the user, on condition for it to take action against its subcontractors.


Talao reserves the right to assign the T & Cs, and therefore the contractual relations, to any third party of its choice.

Evidence agreement

Talao and the user agree that in the event of a dispute, the following are admissible as evidence before the courts:

Evidence to the contrary can be adduced.

Miscellaneous provisions

No waiver

The fact that the user and / or Talao does not invoke a breach by the defaulting party of any of the obligations resulting from the T & Cs cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the obligation in question.


invalidity The invalidity of any clause of the T & Cs does not affect the validity of the other clauses; it continues in the absence of the canceled mechanism, unless the canceled clause makes the continuation of contractual relations impossible or unbalanced with respect to the initial agreements.


Any notification required hereunder must be made to the other party in writing, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or by any other means the receipt of which can be proven, to the address indicated at the top of the present or at any other address that one of the parties may subsequently indicate to the other in writing in accordance with this article. This notification will be considered as received by a party on the date of the first working day following its first presentation to that party.


All complaints must be addressed to customer service.

Complaints are then processed according to the terms and conditions of the T & Cs.

Settlement of disputes - Competent court and applicable law

In the absence of an amicable settlement, in the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, formation or execution of the General Conditions of Use and failure to reach an amicable agreement or to a transaction, Talao and the users give express and exclusive jurisdiction to the competent courts within the jurisdiction of Paris, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or actions in summary or appeal in guarantee or protective measure.

In the event of non-compliance with this step, which remains the responsibility and responsibility of the user, and loss of the Content following termination by the user, Talao cannot be held liable in this regard.

In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, formation, validity or execution of the General Conditions of Use, Talao and the users acknowledge